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Shark cage diving within the protected marine reserve Guadalupe Islands, Mexico.

Name Dive Site:Guadalupe Island, Isla de Guadalupe
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Guadalupe Island (Isla Guadalupe or Guadelupe Island) is one of the frontier scuba diving destinations for cage dives with endangered Great White Sharks (Carcharodon carcharias). These great animals can grow up to 6 meter in length and weigh over a few tons. Especially its fierce jaw and scary looking teeth is what divers find attractive about this species. They feed on the large resident population of pinnipeds (a kind of seal). The strong currents and nutrient rich waters have made it a popular place for many other pelagic and coastal species as well; pilot whales, blue-fin tuna, parrotfish, butterflyfish and lobster are just a few examples. Its volcanic origin has surrounded the island in rocks, lava caves and undersea coral heads, all wicked to see in one of your dives.

The 10 times 35 km long volcanic island of Guadalupe is located at more than 200km west of the coast of Baja California, Mexico. Adventurous whalers and sealers brought goats to the island in the 18th century for provisions, but they ate almost all vegetation resulting in the now barren place mainly in the south. There is a small local fishing community, the north offers fertile valleys and you can find a high mountain ridge formed out of two shield volcanoes. It used to be a place for adventurous hunters searching for fur seals. Luckily, the Mexican government put an halt to this and placed northern elephant seals and Guadalupe fur seals on the list of protected animals. It was assigned the status of nature conservancy area on August 16, 1928 and a Bio-Sphere Reserve in June 2005.

Those interested in a dive with a great white shark will find the perfect scuba dive conditions in Guadalupe Island. Sightings almost guaranteed, nice water temperatures and stunning visibilities of 30 meter and more.

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