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At the patch reef of Paso del Cedral you will find many schools of fish.

Name Dive Site:Paso del Cedral
Depth: 11-18m (36-59ft)
Inserted/Added by: scuba_diving_cozumel

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Paso del Cedral is where you find spectacular caverns, tunnels and swimthroughs to see your own bubbles coming out through the coral once you are at shallower depths. This is one site that is seldom visited but one of the favorite spots for feeding massive black groupers and curious barracudas. Do not feed the fish though. Let the dive masters feed the eels and groupers here as they have more experience. The floor here is around 16 meter but expect a very swift current.

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Name: pro_tec_cozumel

Paso del Cedral Reef is a very good photographic dive with lots of opportunities to photograph schooling fish. There are large aggregations of grunt and snapper, particularly the blue striped grunt and the schoolmaster. The Corals are fairly short, as you would imagine on this exposed strip reef, but where the reef is cut by sand chutes there are some very interesting small coral, such as disk coral and cactus coral. The southern stingray feeds in the sandy areas to the inside of the reef. Among numerous mollusks is the occasional the queen conch, which is becoming increasingly scarce.

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