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Barracuda Reef is a rarely visited dive site in the north of Cozumel with plenty of pelagic and excellent reef conditions.

Name Dive Site:Barracuda Reef
Depth: 20-30m (65-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: scuba_diving_cozumel

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Barracuda reef lies on the north side of the island. This dive site is very rarely visited due to rough conditions, even in good weather. The current runs 2 to 10 knots and down currents are not uncommon. This dive is NOT for the inexperienced diver. However, for the truly adventurous and experienced diver, it is a rewarding challenge though and you will often find large schools of fish, especially jacks, as well as turtles, dolphins and even hammerhead sharks. The reef is in pristine condition, due to infrequent visits from divers. You will find vast mountainous coral heads and peaks that slop into the abyss.

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Name: pro_tec_cozumel

Barracuda Reef is the most Northerly reef with strong currents in the area; all divers must be experienced open water drift divers. This is a flat strip reef with sand around, sloping into the depths. The attraction is the above-average chance to see large pelagics, such as barracuda, jacks, rays and sharks. Very large barrel sponges, rope sponges and elephant’s ear sponge can all be found here.

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