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The Mama Viña wreck is a popular artificial scuttled wreck encrusted in coral and surrounded by reef fish.

Name Dive Site:Mama Viña Wreck
Depth: 21-30m (68-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: reef_quest_divers_mexico

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The Mama Viña wreck was a former shrimp boat intentionally sunk in 1995 for divers. Since then the coral growth has proceeded rapidly. Once on the wreck descend to the sand and drift along the side of the wreck until you reach the stern where you will find the propeller. Then move up into the lower decks and explore the inside rooms. Then finally make your way onto the top deck and watch the huge Barracuda which are hanging around the mast. This dive is only suitable for advanced divers due to the depth and the strong current that can be present.

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Name: scubadiva

Mama Vina was an interesting dive for us. The current is strong don't go too high around the wreck, stay well below the fly bridge/upper windows. If not the current will catch you and draw you up. Been there, done that... Really eerie how the ship appears out of the depth, what a rush. It was our dive instructors first time to the wreck and she nailed it right on.

Name: scuba_libre

This shrimp boat was sunk in 1995 for scuba dive activities, at the present, it is covered by the reef presenting abundant marine life, which has adopted it as their home. Barracudas, stingrays, spotted and green moray eels and schools of tropical fish are common in this wreck. Our diving line has a maximum depth of 27m/81ft and we can penetrate the main deck to observe the remains of this beautiful ship.

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