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Palancar Horseshoe was named because of the U-shaped cut in the reef structure.

Name Dive Site:Palancar Horseshoe
Depth: 6-32m (19-104ft)
Inserted/Added by: pro_tec_cozumel

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Palancar Horseshoe is a natural amphitheatre shaped like a giant horseshoe in a stretch in Palancar reef. It is always dived separately from the others sites along the coast, which tend to be drift dives. There is enough to delight any diver in just one spot. The dive is best in the deeper section, which is deeply convoluted. Large gorgonian sea fans stretch out into the current and there is an array of fish, corals and invertebrates. The caves always attract divers, but you must be particularly careful with buoyancy to be certain that you do not blunder into the minute coral organisms that inhabit these shady areas.

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