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Sights to see at Palancar Gardens include its excellent coral gardens and hogfish cleaning stations.

Name Dive Site:Palancar Gardens, Shallow
Depth: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: pro_tec_cozumel

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Palancar Shallows or Palancar Gardens is a very interesting reef offering a wealth of diving experiences without the need to travel far. It rises to about 60ft/ 18 m. The strip reef is more than 66 ft/ 20 m wide in much of the area and is cut and dissected by many fissures and caves. There may be current flowing over the reef, but there are so many sheltered areas and shallow water that it never causes problems. Huge stove-pipe sponges stretch out from the reef and there are black corals, such as Antipathes pennacea, in its deeper areas. Bright yellow tube sponges may be associated with juveniles of the yellowhead wrasse and other fish hide in the deep tubes for protection at night. Butterfly fish, angelfish, parrot fish and damsel fish can always be seen. To the south, before Palancar Caves the reef drops much lower and becomes less defined. This dive should not be missed.

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