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Punta Sur is diving in tunnels, caves and caverns, being the largest cave complex in Cozumel.

Name Dive Site:Punta Sur, Devil's Throat
Depth: 22-40m (72-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: pro_tec_cozumel

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Punta Sur Reef is an inner strip reef which rapidly falls away to what is becoming one of the most popular dive locations on the island. Although the site can be visited only when weather permits, the sheer majesty of the deep wall, caves, caverns and fissures put the site at the top of most divers' lists. You enter the larger of the cave systems down a sand chute at 90ft/ 27 m where you enter a superb complex of coral tunnels and caverns which are absolutely bursting with life.

One of the larger caves, called the Devil's throat, opens up into an underwater room with four passageways, one of which leads to the Cathedral, a vast cavern with another three passageways, all interconnecting. Only experienced divers should consider entering these for any distance and any diver intending to explore them should be accompanied by a dive master or instructor. There are perhaps not as many fish at this site due to the exposed nature of the sea area, but the usual angelfish and butterfly fish can always be spotted swimming in pairs along the reef edge. The deeper coral walls have whip corals, which spiral out into the depths, and large black corals. There are also brightly colored small gorgonian sea fans, such as the deep-water fan, and sea whips, including the devil's sea whip, are very much evidence. This is an excellent dive, but diving time is always limited because of the extreme depth and the complex nature of the site.


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Name: scuba_diving_cozumel

Punta Sur is home to the famous "Devil's Throat" which starts at the opening of a dark narrow tunnel at 28 meter and takes you out into a sunlight opening at 40 meter on the wall. Eagle rays and sharks are occasionally spotted here. Other spots include the cathedral, which is a large cave opening with giant sponges that form a cross in the ceiling of the cave where light passes through. Bring a dive light for this advanced dive site.

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