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Barracuda is a shallow typical second dive of the day with friendly fish and nice coral.

Name Dive Site:Barracuda
Depth: 6-14m (19-45ft)
Inserted/Added by: reef_quest_divers_mexico

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Picture Baracuda Reef as a hand with five finger-like outcroppings; start your dive at the southern end of the reef swimming north while exploring the extended reef edges. Stay over the sand at the edge of the reef so that the current does not carry you over the top of the reef. There are many small holes to explore along the reef and with some luck and a keen eye you may spot some patrolling barracuda.

Nearing the end of the reef it is worth investigating the shallow cave that will take you to an exit on the top of the reef. Depending on the amount of air you have left when you have finished diving Barracuda, you might continue to Sabalos reef by simply moving with the current. Situated northwest of Tortuga reef and at a shallower depth, Barracuda is traditionally the second dive after the turtle garden.

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Name: orangepeel

Overall I enjoyed diving this and the other dives at Playa. We did see Baracuda and also turtle among many other species. My only slight negative was that the area seemed a little bit lacking in colour compared to other dive sites ive done around the world. We loved the Yucatan peninsula and will definitely be back! Next time we'll make time to dive Cozumel.

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