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Pinnacle dive site Neptune's Finger is named after its name wise rock formation just reaching the surface.

Name Dive Site:Neptune's Finger
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Neptune's Finger (Dedo de Neptuno, La Larga) is a great example of pinnacle scuba diving. While surface swimming towards the rock you will descend making rounds around it until you reach its base at about 9 meters deep. From there you can explore its rock piles and boulders covered with hard and soft corals, with fantastic areas of gorgonian sea fans and with sea sponges. A submerged coral head is found slightly north of Neptune's Finger and another one if you follow the sandy channel westwards.

This dive site is named after a small but steep rocky outcrop, a few meters above the surface that resembles a finger pointing upwards. It is located in the Bay of San Lucas (Cabo Bay) near Lover's Beach and also known as the Bishop and the Lighting. The fish life is diverse and numerous. You can spot sea turtles, tropical reef fish, guitarfish, flatfish, but also plenty of larger pelagic such as tuna, bonitos, barracuda and sardines. Even Eagle Rays, Mantas and Mobula Rays are regularly sighted.


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