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Aktun Ha or Carwash is particularly known because of its thick white layer during summer resembling a thick fog.

Name Dive Site:Aktun Ha, Carwash
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Aktun Ha, meaning water cave in Mayan, or Carwash is a cenote with highly decorated rooms and several different passageways. With the water level being just a few inches below ground level, divers find an easy entrance into the water. You will enter the water through the roots and fallen trees which like any good fairy tale takes you to a strange and different world. For the cavern divers there are upstream and downstream dives possible, though the upstream section with its large chestnut colored columns is the most popular for cavern diving.

The light failing through the roots create an amazing light show and the large room behind is beautifully decorated. During the hot season there is a spectacular effect created by over blooming from algae. This is visualized as a thick white layer on the surface. As divers descend they get the feeling they are crossing through mist to an unknown world. After 2m (7ft) it suddenly becomes crystal clear and the view is of tree branches and roots fading through this cloud and so now and then there is a turtle that disappears into it. To look at this cloud from inside the cavern area is absolutely breath taking as it tints the water emerald green. Most of the cave system is fresh water; the salt water begins at 21m (70 ft). Some of the best parts are the Room of Tears and beyond, Adriana's room and the Cell Block, The White Room and the Chamber of Ancients, Satin's Silthole, the Basement and The Drain. It is situated 8 km outside of Tulúm on the road to Coba.

Not really recommended for snorkeling as in hot season the cloud doesn't allow the snorkelers to see the bottom. Whenever the water is completely clear there is still not so much to see underneath. Though, the place is great to take a quick dip in the water to refresh and for bird watching.

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