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Palancar Deep is the outer reef wall south of horseshoe and the caves.

Name Dive Site:Palancar Deep
Depth: 12-40m (39-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: pro_tec_cozumel

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The deeply incised wall is an absolute delight of Palancar Deep with many varied combinations of coral growth. Gorgonian sea fans adorn the top of the reef and there is constant competition for space between the corals, sponges and algae. All are brightly colored and appear to have their own associated fish, crustaceans or invertebrates. Look out for a number of cleaning stations along this reef. Several different species host these locations, such as juvenile Spanish hogfish on the reef top, the cleaning goby among the coral head and the Pederson's cleaning shrimp among the tentacles of various species of anemone in the recesses.

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