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El Bajo Seamounts or Marisla Seamounts are three separate peaks rising to within diving limits from the surface and attracting animal life.

Name Dive Site:Bajo, Marisla Seamounts
Depth: 15-40m (49-131ft)
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The seamount El Bajo is located about 12km from Los Islotes. There are three distinct underwater peaks arrayed along a three hundred yard line, the northern most rises within 25meter of the surface, the central peak to within 15meter and the southern to within 20meter. The central peak, with its shallow depths and relatively flattop, is the primary dive site and anchoring location. This site is famous for its animal life which includes schooling hammerheads in the spring.

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Name: club_cantamar

The most famous location of The Sea of Cortéz, where hammerhead sharks congregate in large schools with still unclear purposes. Many species of pelagic and tropical fish are found year round. There is no protection to surge and rough water conditions, making it for advanced divers only.

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