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La Corbeteña or La Piedra is a deep pinnacle with mantas in summer and many sharks in the often strong currents.

Name Dive Site:Corbeteña
Depth: 22-70m (72-229ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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La Corbeteña is the furthest pinnacle from shore, situated 36 nautical miles from the main land, and only dived by very experienced divers with over 200 logged dives. Called by native fishermen "La Piedra", it is best to dive during the summer months when the visibility can easily reach 120ft. During summer and fall months, the amount of mantas activity in La Corbeteña (Chimo and El Morro) increases dramatically, and it's not uncommon to have several encounters on each day.

La Corbeteña is known for pelagic action including Schools of Jacks, Bath Rays, Mantas, Reef Sharks, Whale Sharks, Sail Fish, Marlin, Wahoo and Dolphins. The north side presents a slope while the south side drops rapidly to a sand bar at 140ft.

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