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Cerebros, Spanish for brain, is named after the large examples of brain coral you will dive on.

Name Dive Site:Cerebros
Depth: 6-14m (19-45ft)
Inserted/Added by: pro_tec_playa

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Cerebros, which means brains, is the most northern reef. Due to its distance by boat, it is the least dived of the reefs of Playa del Carmen. The coral formations at the edge of the reef create a scenic landscape to wander around and are home to many crustaceans, such as lobsters, king crabs and shrimps. You can also find moray eels, scorpion fish and a large variety of reef fish.

The best dive starts at the southern end of the reef. Swim to where the reef meets the sandy floor; follow along the edge while exploring the formations. Along the middle section and at the end of the reef you will find some beautiful arches to swim through. It is best to dive Cerebros on calm days as visibility can decline drastically when the ocean is rough.

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Name: scuba_libre

Cerebros is the most northern dive site in Playa del Carmen. It got this name due to the large amount of coral brains that you will find as you dive in this reef. Here live lobsters, king crabs, shrimps and eels. It is the typical second dive after diving Los Arcos.

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